What Is A Registered Office?

If you’re a limited company, a registered office is the official address listed for your company. Your registered office address is shown on the public register and is available to everybody. So, think carefully about your chosen address. The reason for this is so that there is a greater level of company transparency. However, it does leave this address open to marketing products – this is why a lot of companies choose an alternative address to their company’s actual address.

This is the address that Companies House and HMRC will send all your letters, reminders and notices. This however, doesn’t mean it has to be the main place of business. For a limited company, it’s a legal requirement to have a registered office. You must keep this address up to date and have an arrangement in place to have post forwarded on to the address of someone who takes care of administrative operations.

Even if you only sell products online, or sell them abroad, if your company is registered in this country, you must have a registered office. Any correspondence sent from governing bodies to your registered address will be assumed to be received.

Your registered office is declared within the processes when your company is formed and usually stays the same.

Are there any limitations on the address I can use?

It must be a physical location – you can’t use a PO Box for your businesses registered office address. Other than that, as long as it’s ready to receive post, any address can be used. It’s also wise for it to be somewhere that there is somebody available to sign for deliveries too. This person doesn’t have to work for the company, but they must ensure the company receives these deliveries.

If you’re using a rented properties address, check your contract to make sure you’ve got permission to do so. You can have your registered office at any address in England and Wales. If your company is registered in Scotland you can only use an address there.

Should it be my home address?

For the majority of companies, the owner won’t want their address to be associated with their business or made public knowledge. That’s understandable and there are a lot of options to make sure that this doesn’t have to happen. Your registered office address must be published on a range of materials, so think carefully about it being your home address if you’re considering it. These materials include:

– Business letters, emails and other correspondence
– Stationery
– Invoices
– Marketing materials
– Websites

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