Hi I’m Tracy,
Belinda and I go back a long way (almost 30 years) and we have tap danced together for a big chunk of that time as well as meeting through the accounting industry in the days of manual trial balances and analysis paper!

I took a break from office work to bring up my family and when the time was right ABC was the obvious choice for me and I joined the admin team just over a year ago.
The office is busy, buzzing and fast paced and I love the atmosphere and the clients who pop in for endless cups of coffee and who create mountains of filing. One day the boss may make us a paperless office if I’m really lucky!
I can come across as a fairly quiet and shy person until you get to know me and then my wicked sense of humour comes out.
I am an efficient and organised person in the office and a fiendish tap dancer who belts out numbers from the musicals whilst I’m hoovering at home!