Hi I’m Ben,

I may be one of the newest recruits to the ABC Accounting Services team but I already feel at home in the role as part of the wonderful team we have here.

I have trialed a few areas in my career from factory to power stations but I have always found an interest in number crunching which is why I was glad when offered the role. Since being here I have undertaken the AAT level 2 in accounting at Lincoln college which has broadened my knowledge. I hope in the next two years on this course I can following in the footsteps of my fellow accountants.

Outside of work I am a keen sportsman so during summer you will find me out on a cricket field while in winter I switch to the football field. I enjoy a very social life which compliment the enjoyable office perfectly.

It is a great team we have here with plenty of knowledge so there is no reason why we wouldn’t be perfect for you.