Hi I’m Belinda and ABC Accounting Services is my baby!

I am not sure how I would sum up my journey as an accountant, a business owner and a woman who gives a damn about other people’s problems. So far it has been exhausting, exhilarating, stressful, euphoric, a lot of hard work and extremely rewarding.
ABC was founded because I cared about clients and I thought I could do more to support their journeys through the tough and the triumphant times. My business is about cost effective, down to earth advice and support with a sprinkle of laughter and frivolity to keep it real!

I have an amazing team that come together to provide a unique and gutsy service. They practice what I have always preached and I am extremely proud of the outstanding work they do every day to facilitate our big, small, struggling, fighting, happy, hopeful and driven clients.
I look after my own stress levels by escaping in the evenings to go and teach exhilarating fitness and dance classes. I get to shout at the top of my voice when encouraging people to tap and step their legs off! The Studio was a gamble and a stress buster that has turned into a monster of a business that has brought the niche of dance to the fore in Gainsborough.
I am proud. I am passionate. And, I am a damn fine accountant who simply does not beat about the bush! Life really is too short for waffle! If you are in need of a professional service, well versed in dealing with basic accounting needs as well as the banks, HMRC, VAT inspectors and stressful business scenarios then me and my passionate team would be extremely happy to help.