Hi I’m Antony,

The truth is I have always had a head for figures. I like to solve numerical problems and there has always been something about answers reinforced with figures that has a hefty logic to it for me. Having read that you are probably thinking that I was born an accountant and in many ways I would have to agree…but I was once an owner of a pub so there is hope for me yet!

It was during my time as a business owner that I learnt basic bookkeeping and payroll which led me on to study for the AAT qualification from home. I began my accountancy career in a chartered practice where I gained my AAT level 3 qualification. The move to ABC Accounting Services was sparked by a need to work in a faster paced, energetic and passionate office environment. I instantly got the impression that the team at ABC was full of personality and drive and I wanted to be a part of it.

I find the job most satisfying when I am dealing with clients and helping them understand the accountancy side of their business, minus the unnecessary jargon. Nothing beats that feeling when a set of accounts are finalised and everything is actually accounted for. I love my work and there is no better position to be in. In my spare time I have two boxer dogs, Romeo and Roux, who require a lot of my attention. When I am not walking them or keeping them entertained I generally enjoy nights at the cinema, cooking and recreational poker, in an attempt to win a free trip to Vegas. I have been several times and it is definitely my destination of choice when going abroad – doesn’t quite fit with the meticulous accountant image though does it?