How Technology Benefits Accountants, and Their Clients!

Here at ABC, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our clients and make their lives easier. We also consider ways to make our workload more efficient so that we can give time to tasks that require our expert knowledge and experience.

One way that we achieve both of these goals is by using technology that frees up our time from mundane, yet necessary tasks. Automation apps and apps that allow our clients to send us documents, expenses etc digitally are becoming much more popular with many of our clients. There’s no doubt that it makes our and their lives easier.

If you’re still unsure about how technology like this can help you as an accountant, read this article. We’ve compiled the primary benefits of using technology in accounting – both for you and your clients.

You’re able to offer real-time advice to clients

Through cloud technology, you can give your clients access to their data within a matter of seconds. This means that instead of constantly contacting you for information, your time can be better spent working on things that clients  cant do for themselves.

As an accountant, it’s your job to be knowledgeable about this technology and reassure clients who are sceptical about it – believe us, there will be a few! Keep up-to-date with all changes and updates to cloud security so that you can deliver this information to your clients.


You’re a lot easier to contact

Technology means that accountants can be contacted whenever, wherever. It’s not only you that you should think about when considering this element – you can contact prospects with ease. Added to the mix of traditional meetings, emails and phone calls are messaging apps, social media and video calls. With the progression of technology, many people find the convenience of these means of communication much more appealing. By simply asking your clients which is their preferred method of contact, you’re building upon that all important relationship.

Letting your clients know that they can contact you however they find easiest, you’re consolidating your relationship and letting them know that you’re there for them. This is likely to increase the likelihood of them recommending you to others.


You can make your day-to-day activities more efficient with automation

For both you and your clients, you technology has some huge benefits. One that you’ll notice every day is the efficiency of automation.

Tasks that previously had to be carried out manually can be taken care of by accounting and bookkeeping technology. The previous manual labours limited the number of clients an accountant could take on, with these tasks taken care of you can work with more clients and achieve better results for them.


Mobile working means clients can get on board with their accounting

The vast majority of us use apps. Whether it’s social media, banking, shopping or games – we use them every day. When you tell your customers the apps that you recommend for their finances, chances are they’ll get on board with it.

They’re easier than traditional methods. For example filing receipts, there are apps you can use to photographically record expenses. When you tell clients you’ve found an easier way of doing something, you’ll find they do it. This saves you a lot of time chasing these things and leaves more time to do the important things.

As an accountant, using apps to receive bills, invoices etc from clients allows you to process them as they come in rather than in a huge chunk at the end of every month.


Make your services more appealing and efficient for younger clients

Over 30% of the workforce is made up of millennials so it’s essential that you optimise your practices to suit them. In a generation of ever-changing technology, it’s a good idea to use it to your advantage. It’s not just about giving them their invoices and other documents, it’s about how you give them to them.

Studies show that a staggering 82% of millennials surveyed would rather that accountants were totally paperless. We’re sure a lot of you wouldn’t argue that a life without paper receipts would be easier, however the transition to a paperless system isn’t easy.

As previously mentioned, there are an abundance of apps that allow clients to scan their receipts etc and send them over to their accountants. For people on the go, those who don’t have a traditional office setup and those who work for themselves, this is so much easier. It means everything is in the same place without having to store it all – easier for the accountant on the other end too!

Some clients will prefer a digital process, where some still prefer a traditional system. Take this into consideration with each individual client and deliver your service according to it.

Offering digital services will impress your clients and be appealing to potential clients too

When we think about growth, it’s important not to forget existing clients. Adding value to them and delivering excellence to them can vastly increase the growth of your business .They’re likely to invest more and recommend you to others too if you deliver quality services to them.

Communicate with your clients and find out about anything that they struggle with and would like made simpler. Chances are, by using technology, you can help them with these pain points. Emphasise the time-saving elements and the ease – offer them these services in a way which lets them know that doing it themselves would waste time and wouldn’t be cost effective. It’s important to offer clients anything that makes their and your job easier!

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