Welcome to the downloads page. You will find a range of useful forms you may be asked to fill in by HMRC or your accountants here.

There are also lots of self-help guides on VAT, bookkeeping, payroll and accountancy issues and procedures. They are all written in plain English and try to be easy to follow, informative and interesting at the same time!

You will also find our latest white papers here and a downloadable tax data brochure to keep you up-to-date with the latest budget figures.

All documents are provided as a pdf. Any issues, drop us an email and we will send the document or form directly to you.

FormDownload HereDescription
IR35 Personal Service Companies: The FactsIR35 Personal Service CompaniesHMRC are using their powers to crack down on those who break IR35 rules. The problem we are seeing with many clients is that those rules can be incredibly complex to unravel. So here is your walk-through of the legislation in place, who it applies to and what HMRC are trying to crack down on.
HMRC P46 FormP46All new employees must fill out this form before they commence working for you. These should now be completed and handed to the employer alongside a P45.
HMRC Form 64-864-8This form authorises your agent (or your tax representative) to communicate withHMRC about your tax affairs.
HMRC Form P87P87Fill out this form for tax relief for expenses of employment (allowable expenses cannot exceed £2500).
Need a HMRC SA1 Form?SA1This form is used when registering for self-assessment and getting a tax return. This must be completed where your allowable expenses exceed £2500 as you do not qualify for a P87.
HMRC CWF1 FormCWF1This form is for registering for self-assessment and national insurance contributions if you are a self-employed sole trader.
HMRC SA400 Form?SA400Use this form to register a partnership for self-assessment purposes. This must be completed by the partner who has been nominated by the partnership to receive and submit the partnership returns.
HMRC SA401 FormSA401This form has to be used to register for self-assessment if you have joined a partnership.
HMRC SA402 FormSA402
This form should be used to register a partner for self-assessment who is not an individual, for example a company, another partnership or a trust.
HMRC Form CF10CF10Use this form to apply to be exempt for Class 2 National Insurance. This can be completed when you are self-employed and your net earnings from self-employment are below the relevant threshold.
New starter checklist for PayrollNew starterAll you need to know when adding an employee to your payroll or providing your accountant with the relevant information.
The basics of bookkeepingBookkeepingHow to approach your bookkeeping and start your business off on the right foot.
Self-Assessment explainedSelf-AssessmentThis gives a good overview of tax to answer all of those niggling questions that crop up.
The basics of VAT - 2014VATThis provides a deeper look into the VAT calculations you need and what is classes as in and out when it comes to valued added tax for 2014-15.
RTI White PaperReal Time Information White PaperWe have put together a white paper to help out anyone who is still not aware of the changes to payroll that commence(d) on the 6th April 2013.
National Insurance Contributions – rates and allowancesNational Insurance Contributions – rates and allowancesHere is a quick and simple way on understanding National Insurance and how to work out what you need to pay.
2016 Budget2016 BudgetWhat do we think about the 2014 budget then?
2016/17 Tax dataTAX DATA 2016/17Here is all the information you need in one place for the tax years 2013/14 and 2014/15
PensionsAre you ready for auto-enrolment?You can find the answers to all of your questions here.
Marketing BasicsMarketing BasicsA simple introduction to marketing approaches for all small-medium sized companies.
Bucket List SuggestionsAbacus Bucket ListIf you haven’t written a bucket list then now is the time to do it. We want our clients to remember that there is more to life besides working. Sometimes you have to set a few personal targets and realise some adventurous ambitions to combat those stressful and restless evenings! Know what we mean!
Auto-enrolmentauto-enrolment print-outThe change to auto-enrolment is being rolled out throughout the UK. You will soon have your date or you will be going through the process already. For guidance in this area read the attached document or call us on 01427 613613.