Dispelling the Myths of Accountancy

The myths of accounting like the myths of any industry have travelled far and wide. The whole point of these blogs is to get to the bottom of what people want from the accounting industry – what we can offer to make your relationships with accountants smoother. There are some government bodies who are extremely efficient at worrying people into making impulsive decisions and paying tax bills instantly without a seconds hesitation.

It is far better for our clients, and for any business owner, to know the facts and understand exactly what is happening with the information they provide. Accountancy is not a dark art and truthfully there is no magic wand. There are incompetent accountants that can make the rest of us look like magicians but once we have answered your questions and dispelled some myths you should be able to spot a dodgy accountant a mile off!

We have put together a short video of the first five myths we objected to. We will be producing a monthly blog on myths to run beside the monthly questions and answers piece (coming up next week folks!). So, by the end of the year you will be polished experts on the topic of accountancy and all that it involves. Enjoy the video and get in touch if you have a myth you wish dispelled or confirmed, or questions you need the answer to – we are always reachable.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNik3tLNcvI]

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